Dear Scientists, Researchers, and Practitioners,

We are pleased to host you at The International Academician Studies Congress (ASC-2021 / SPRING) that will be hosted by Çağ University Institute of Social Sciences and held between 29 April - 1 May 2021.

The fields of the congress are Social, Humanities, and Educational Sciences, and the languages are Turkish and English.

The primary purpose of the congress is to contribute to science by forming new perspectives, and sharing developments, practices, and experiences in the fields of Social, Humanities, and Educational Sciences. The theme of our congress has been determined as "Change to Transformation: New Norms in Social Sciences."

Abstracts and full texts will be published in the congress proceedings books. In addition, the participants will be given the opportunity to publish their papers as a book chapter in the book that is going to be published by an international publishing house, or in the Journal of Business Research – Turk indexed in ULAKBIM and EBSCO, or the Reforma Journal indexed in EBSCO, or the International Journal of Management Theory and Practices Research– JMTPR *. 

We would like to see you at the 1st Academian Studies Congress (ASC-2021 / SPRING) between 29 April - 1 May 2021.  

On behalf of ASC-2021 Organizing Committee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman Yılmaz, Congress President

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hamza Şimşek, Congress Co-President

          *Publishers and Journals will implement their own evaluation procedures.

Change to Transformation: New Norms in Social Sciences

  • Digitalization
  • Sustainability
  • Seeking for New Norms
  • Industry 4.0
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Society 5.0
  • Digital Economy
  • Blockchain
  • The Changing Nature of Business
  • Generation X, Y, Z and Alpha
  • Consumption Forms
  • Consumers Typologies
  • 21st Century Competencies

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline April 15, 2021
Notification of acceptance/rejection of abstracts by editor/referees April 19, 2021
Deadline for sending extended abstracts April 24, 2021
Full paper submission deadline (optional) April 24, 2021
Notificaion of full text/extended abstract acceptance/rejection April 27, 2021
Congress fee deadline (FREE for participation outside Turkey) April 23, 2021
Announcement of the congress program April 27, 2021
Cengress April 29 - May 1, 2021

After the congress

Publication of the Book of Abstracts May 4, 2021
Publication of the Book of Proceedings May 11, 2021
Publication of the book from selected papers May 21, 2021
Publishers and Journals will implement their own evaluation procedures.

Honorary Board

Prof. Dr. Ünal AY

Çağ University

Keynote Speakers

Prof Dr Gökhan Özer

Gebze Technical University, Faculty of Business

Hakan Uzun

Vice President

Prof. Dr. Himmet Karadal

Editor in chief
International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management Inquiries