ASC-2022 / Fall

In our 4th congress held in Poland, we addressed the topic of shaping the future. Numerous esteemed academics and businesspeople from Turkey have participated in person at our congress.

Our congress received 181 submissions, and 107 papers were accepted. Of these, 24 papers were in Turkish and 83 in English. The congress was attended by 221 authors from 13 different countries. The distribution of participants was as follows: 46 from Turkey, 1 from Poland, 53 from Zaire, 3 from Bangladesh, 1 from China, 3 from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 4 from India, 8 from Kyrgyzstan, 75 from Malaysia, 1 from the United Kingdom, 1 American from the USA, 21 from Pakistan, 2 from Uzbekistan, and 1 from Bulgaria. The foreign participant rate is 80%.

Pictures from the congress.